About us

The Technical Office, founded in the 2004, is envolved into mechanical design of products and machinery; it’s activity started after an experience of 15 years worked in small and medium factoryes collocated in the region of Veneto in the north-east of Italy.
The second Step was to mix experience and offer to different customers a technical service of project and design expecially for little and medium factoryes where the ability to invent new machinery permit to survive during crisis periods.

The area where I operate are different to establish; each customer work in a different area so that there isn’t possibility to copy or move technical informations to the competition.

This way to work is a guarantie for the customer and also permit to the Office to emprouve experience and propose technical solution to different projects or other customers. So I can reinvente or design a product making experience from the solution, or modify what existe to mad it better and cheaper.

Each project start by the close contact with the technical department of the customer and the I evaluate the process to produce it; when instead is asked to design the machinery I make proposal with some different solution that must be evaluated and approved before to start.

We are avaible for:
deals, feasibility studies, machine design and development as well as for the construction of the same.