The study, in addition to working on specific orders, also follows the prototype design for which is then required the development, installation and commissioning.

So to do this we use a method developed over time and by now with consolidated efficacy.

Every design process is first studied at the table to make it quick and modular later and is entirely designed with 3D CAD systems whose study is provided and in particular we have:

  • 2 licenses of Solid-works 2013
  • 1 License Catia V5 R8
  • 1 Solid-edge 20 in comodato da un cliente con il quale lo studio collabora
  • In addition a number of other software of calculation and verification for the uses that may be necessary

These are the main software of our work, but if the customer had special needs we are always flexible in adapting our method.


We are avaible for:
deals, feasibility studies, machine design and development as well as for the construction of the same.