Focus Areas

Below are indicated the most important areas in wich I have experience even if I’m developping new projects in some specific markets.

So the areas of interest appear to be very different and can be summarized in the following points:

  • Civil and Industry automation
    Project and design of electro-mechanical devices yo move/close/open gates, pedestrian gates, stop parking and other.
    The service concern study, feasibility analysis, and style-design before approved project.
    Working cicles that are necessary to project assembly line, define cost product or technology to reduce cost.


  • Design of technical furniture for office, laboratory, cathering; it means to make design,find solution, be present in factory for production until the final prototype.


  • Assembling machines, automatic robotic workstations for manipulating, assembling or processing machine parts.


  • Wood-work machinery, little machines for operations of cutting, sanding and mechanic movement.


  • Packaging machinery; especially for food industry but also for product to be packed.


  •  Project and design of textile looms; is a new area for me and start from a course about using wood and manual looms with 8 heald frames. They are the base for actual motorized and automatic looms produced by Smit Textile for example.


  • Gold machinery and eyewear area; it’s small dry brush for one or two manual operators.


  • Special plastic or mineral and alloy parts obtained by molding for both the food industry that industry or technical use.


  • Micro-mechanical or mechanical parts of small dimensions both in a single body or like the result of a mechanical assembly; interesting area is automotive industry.


  • Design of pre-finished metal structure and then assembled into systems for protection of plant or metal sheds, shelters, canopies, stairs or other service.


  • Processing Machinery for tube and metal bar including: transportation, cutting, machining head, test and palletizing.


  • Product industrialization.


  • Machines for food industry in general: pasta, breads, pastries, cereals processing, fruit and vegetables.


  • Technical training of staff and technical courses of mechanical design.


Not everything has been pointed out, some things have remained only at the level of study and technical analysis and feasibility such as a small electric vehicle studied in 2005 for villages or island.